• 5. Communication


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Communication are typified as follows:

  • Controlled: Communication of information to all involved makes it possible to take the appropriate decisions.
  • Efficient: Concise form and content of information for the target audience contributes to more productive work.
  • Optimizing: Communication is a means for team building.

Please find the checkpoints below.

1. Every team member is aware of decisions being made and of internal progress.
2. The test team actively gathers relevant information from stakeholders.
3. It is possible to trace back points of action, agreements and decisions of the test team.
4. The test team deliberates with stakeholders about progress, product quality and risks and signals proactively potential delays as well.
1. The test team identifies which information needs to be shared with which stakeholder.
2. The test team participates in relevant meetings with other stakeholders.
3. The test team has the different (communication) means necessary to its disposal to communicate with its stakeholders using an appropriate form.
1. Best practices and lessons learned regarding communication and its efficiency are evaluated during and at the end of a test project for future purposes.
2. The organization investigates the use of new means of communication and defines policies.

(Source: “TPI Next, Business Driven Test Process Improvement” ISBN 9072194977)