• 15. Test tools


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Test tools are typified as follows:

  • Controlled: Test tools needed to execute specific test activities are available and used.
  • EfficientTest tools are used to accelerate specific test activities.
  • Optimizing: Test tools, and their used, are continuously evaluated and improved.

Please find the checkpoints below.

1. The test tools needed to execute specific test activities and to reach the test goals are available to and used by the test team.
2. Knowledge about the test tools in use is available.
3. Everyone involved, including the purchasing entity, considers the specific test tool used to be beneficial.
1. Test tools currently used have been selected for testing faster, cheaper, better or making the test process better manageable.
2. The test tools are at the testers disposal at any required moment.
3. A business case has been created for each introduced test tool within the test process.
4. The use of these test tools is integrated in the test process.
1. The tool policy is created and kept synchronized with the existing test policy.
2. The expertise, best practices and test tools products are collected and published for future projects.
3. Test tools are regularly evaluated on reaching the goals that have been set in the business case for implementing the test tool and the test tool policy.

(Source: “TPI Next, Business Driven Test Process Improvement” ISBN 9072194977)