• 11. Testware management


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Testware management are typified as follows:

  • Controlled: All used test and design documents in an approved state, are individually identified and registered.
  • EfficientThe relations between all (test) artifacts are known and kept up to date.
  • Optimizing: Testware is made available for reuse in future test projects and is actually reused.

Please find the checkpoints below.

1. The test basis, the test object and all testware are identified by name and version.
2. Each test case is related to a test basis document in a transparent way.
3. The test team has access to all items under testware management.
4. The procedure by which testware, the test basis and the test object are managed is explicitly laid down and known to the test team.
1. The test basis, the test object and all testware are referenced by name and version.
2. Traceability is provided between test cases and the requirements.
3. Testware management is supported by a logical storage structure, roles and an authorization structure.
1. It is agreed at test project start and rethought during the test project which testware will be conserved at the closure of the test project.
2. Guidelines for conserving testware for reuse are available and the reuse of testware is measured.
3. At the end of the project, the testware that will be handed over to maintenance is easily separable from the testware that is not going to be maintained.

(Source: “TPI Next, Business Driven Test Process Improvement” ISBN 9072194977)