• 7. Test data


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Test data are typified as follows:

  • Forming: Test data enables consistent execution.
  • Norming: Test data is production like.
  • Performing: Test data is automatically replicated.

Please find the checkpoints below.

1. Test data is available for automated testing.
2. Automated selection and creation of test data based on test group or test level is possible.
3. The test data enables consistent execution of automated testing
1. Test data is labeled to enable consistent linking to automation scripts.
2. The test data contains no private data such as names, social security numbers, bank account numbers.
3. Test data is consistent across multiple applications/systems/components.
4. The test data for automated testing at (user) acceptance level is production like.
1. Test data can automatically be restored or recreated to enable swift, repeated automated test execution.
2. Test data is automatically replicated throughout the end-to-end business processes.
3. The test data for automated testing is production like and continuously kept up-to-date.
4. The validity of the test data is regularly checked.