• 10. Planning and estimation


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Planning and estimation are typified as follows:

  • Forming: Automation is planned
  • Norming: Priorities based on risk and business value
  • Performing: Metrics are used to frequently improve planning and estimation

Please find the checkpoints below.

1. Test automation activities are planned and estimated.
2. Estimation can be substantiated.
3. Planning and estimation are agreed with the stakeholders
1. Test automation is broken down into plannable components.
2. Review activities are planned.
3. The sequence of automating test scripts is based on business value and risks related to test automation.
4. Deviations from the test automation strategy are discussed and agreed upon.
1. Each test automation activity is monitored and, when necessary, adjustments are initiated.
2. Key figures/data for the defined estimation techniques are collected at multiple test automation projects.
3. Metrics and lessons learned from earlier test automation projects are used for improvements.