• 8. Defect analysis


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Defect analysis are typified as follows:

  • Mobile basics: Logging defects with the mobile conditions
  • Mobile advanced: Defects are validated by comparing corresponding environmental conditions
  • Mobile expert:¬†Defects are analyzed to find trends

Please find the checkpoints below.

Mobile basics
1. The defect tooling supports logging of external/mobile conditions.
2. The tester adds logging to defects.
3. Tools to prove/reproduce a defect are used
Mobile advanced
1. Different app versions of the system under test can be used to compare app behavior.
2. Mobile specific conditions are logged together with the defect to enable easy reproduction.
3. Different environments can be used to compare app behavior and to determine the defect cause
Mobile expert
1. Defects are analysed to discover trends in weak points of the app.
2. Production is monitored to quickly respond to issues.
3. Defect fixes are validated by users from the beta group.
4. Issues from production flow (registered) directly back to de development team for defect analysis.