• 6. Mobile API


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Mobile API are typified as follows:

  • Mobile basics: The Mobile API is tested on an ad-hoc basis
  • Mobile advanced: Mobile API is seen as an essential element and API testing is well organized
  • Mobile expert: Mobile API testing support and monitoring are optimized

Please find the checkpoints below.

Mobile basics
1. The API is tested before release.
2. The API is tested headless.
3. It is requested that the mobile API is tested.
4. The API is documented.
Mobile advanced
1. The team has clear arrangements about responsibilities, points of contact and sharing API’s.
2. Non functionals are input for testing API’s.
3. The process for releasing the Mobile API is defined.
Mobile expert
1. API’s are covered and monitored in testing the end-to-end chain.
2. Automated API testing is integrated with the continuous integration.
3. API usage statistics are gathered and used to improve functional and non-functional testing.