• 5. Users & personas


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Users & personas are typified as follows:

  • Mobile basics: Users from within the organization
  • Mobile advanced: Personas are used for testing
  • Mobile expert: End users take part in the mobile test process

Please find the checkpoints below.

Mobile basics
1. A user profile is made based on the (expected) group of users.
2. Testing is done by the internal (project) organisation like testers, developers, stakeholders.
3. The end-user perspective is considered important.
Mobile advanced
1. Mobile personas are created.
2. Personas are based on analytics of the end-user.
3. Personas are applied into the user stories, test cases and test execution.
Mobile expert
1. Personas are regularly reviewed and updated based on feedback from the end-user.
2. There is a (beta) user community that performs tests on new releases in their context and on their devices.
3. Users are regularly involved during all test activities.