• 3. Mobile testing skills


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Mobile testing skills are typified as follows:

  • Mobile basics: The team understands mobile specific testing tools and techniques
  • Mobile advanced: The skills and knowledge of the mobile app team are applied effectively
  • Mobile expert: The team invests in improving mobile specific skills and knowledge

Please find the checkpoints below.

Mobile basics
1. The mobile app tester is well trained and/or has experienced in testing mobile apps.
2. Different mobile perspectives are captured in test preparation.
3. The app tester understands and uses tools during testing the app.
Mobile advanced
1. Experience based techniques are applied.
2. The app tester is involved with reviewing process.
3. The tester can perform root cause analysis.
Mobile expert
1. Feedback from end-users perspective is considered to improve the test process.
2. There is a mobile testing training program to constantly update experience and knowledge.
3. The app tester shares the mobile app test knowledge pro-actively in the team.