• 1. Organizational mobile awareness


Levels and checkpoints

The levels for Organizational mobile awareness are typified as follows:

  • Mobile basics: The concept of mobile app testing is defined and implemented within the organization
  • Mobile advanced: Mobile app testing is an organizational effort during the full development process
  • Mobile expert: The organization is constantly evaluating the support to strive for the best mobile app testing

Please find the checkpoints below.

Mobile basics
1. Mobile test knowledge is gathered and shared in the team.
2. There is a mobile app test policy.
3. The organization has requirements for the testability of the app.
Mobile advanced
1. Testing collaborates with other disciplines in the development process.
2. There is an aligned heart beat in the organization that is fast enough to respond to market demands.
3. There is a strategy to test on multiple layers to achieve proper coverage and detect regression.
Mobile expert
1. Passion time is dedicated to keep up with trends and new developments.
2. The organization continuously strives to improve the test process to be competitive in the changing market of mobile apps.
3. Mobile app testing is part of the continuous integration.