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Cloud computing is a sea change in the way information systems are created and used. This simple fact is enough reason to investigate the phenomenon of cloud computing from a testing perspective. At the same time, it is useful to evaluate the testing profession from a cloud perspective because cloud computing offers interesting new options and solutions for a number of old bottlenecks.

More and more organizations are choosing to use services from the cloud. There are different reasons for this, but two come to mind immediately: new opportunities and cost reduction. An example of a new opportunity is worldwide access to data, at any time and with any device. And cost reduction occurs by sharing resources with other customers and not having to invest in resources (anymore).

What does this mean for testing? How to manage the risks of introducing cloud services? The way these questions are answered is threefold.

  1. What are testmanagement aspects?
  2. How to mitigate the risks?
  3. Which test measures apply?

The material on Testing Cloud Services is a summary of elaborate material that has been published in Dutch, English and Chinese. A German version is under construction. The Dutch version can be ordered as paper copy. The English version is available as paper copy as well as e-book formats. Click on the pictures below for more info.

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